Essay on Racism Is Still Alive Today

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Throughout this semester I have amassed a significant awareness of the sensitive issues that ultimately drive prejudices, racism, and ignorance. I have observed a severe margin of society that chooses to ignore the fact that racism is still alive today and yet very few take action to put a stop to it or understand how desensitized the rest of the country (and/or world) reacts. If I had a small way in helping society better understand coexistence to mitigate racism, in my opinion, the best way to go about this would putting the racist in the shoes of the victim. The following paragraphs will describe my plan to educate racist, people of prejudice, while using Harrow’s Cycle of Socialization. For example, you are walking down the street of your beloved neighborhood, but you notice a lot of African Americans that recently moved into the neighborhood. While your neighborhood (being predominately white) is shocked to see so many different groups of people moving in, fear begins to take hold of the less-educated and traveled. The long-term residents of the neighborhood assume the area is going to be filled with drugs, hooligans, robbery and possibly assumes that they are living in the cheap area of the community now. This is where Harrow’s Cycle beings. Fear, ignorance, confusion, and insecurity infects every white onlooker in the neighborhood, except for a small percentage. However, instead of criticizing the ignorance of the white onlookers, you realize that they were born in…

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