Essay Racism And Its Lingering Effects

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Racism and its lingering effects have long been debated by people of color as the root of evil. Many times if it doesn’t affect you directly; you may not understand the significance of racism. I believe that I hold some bias due to my race and social class. Denial is thoughts believed and what one perceives as real based on one’s own thoughts. One white American may believe in denial while another may not. It would be absurd to assume that everyone in some way has not heard another express their views in which some amount of prejudice helped form it. Depending on the situation and participants involved; emotions run wild and in effect a prejudice maybe born. In my experiences, there is a tendency for white people to ignore the notion that racism as a whole no longer exists. As much as we would like to think we have overcome racism and discrimination, we have many obstacles to tackle. The Klu Klux Klan is a great example of white supremacy. They are a white supremacist group that does not represent whites as a whole and yet many white Americans are being stereotyped due to skin color. Is it fair to assume all whites are prejudice or that all African Americans are bad? According to National Surveys, more than three fourths of white Americans refuse to believe that discrimination is any real problem in America (1). To discredit others feelings and life experiences, as many whites do when reading about blacks who suffer same sort of injustice. Studies have shown that…

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