Essay on Racial Tensions Between Black Independence And Assertiveness

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Without blatantly stating it, society has found a way to ensure the legal separation of the African Americans from the whites. White people (mostly, of course) aren’t going to deliberately say, “We want to live in a segregated lifestyle; the whites to one side and the African Americans to the other.” They are, however, going to do anything in their power to make this happen without actually coming out and saying it because that would be rude and politically incorrect. David Roediger states that “[b]etween 1890 and 1915, in the face of racial tensions heightened by disturbing evidence of black independence and assertiveness, whites acted to ensure the permanent political, economic, and social subordination and powerless of the black population” (Roediger 1998, 218). Although this quote pertains to the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, this can still be applied to today’s time. A careful look at the systemic ways in which this has occurred will show how it perpetuated to cycle of institutionalized racism within our country. This can be seen all throughout society, especially in homeownership, education, and in the voting process.
Examining the history of homeownership in the United States, it is evident there is a presence of inequality. A great foundation for the issue of inequality is seen in the documentary Race: The Power of an Illusion. In the segment “The House We Live In,” it discusses how communities all along the east coast, Levittown, Pennsylvania in…

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