Essay about Questions On Learning And Teaching

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All humans bring a unique set of qualities which impact how they learn. How to accommodate these idiosyncrasies is an important factor in effectively facilitating learning. The subjects of learning and teaching are paramount in many fields of study such as education, business, science and politics. This short list only comprises a small number of the many possible examples of learning and teaching applied to our world. No matter the field or focus of study, a better understanding of how humans learn will better enable us to better teach. At this point the question is where to start: How do we look at learning and teaching through an objective lense when both are based on qualities of a very subjective participant? The purpose of this essay is to explore the topics of learning and teaching, to establish some fundamental principles founded over years of study by notable theorists on the topic(s), in order to better understand the foundations for learning and teaching to which further research can be built upon. Knowles, Holton III, and Swanson (2015) give the following definitions for learning and teaching: “theories of learning deal with the ways in which people learn, whereas theories of teaching deal with the ways in which one person influences others to learn…” (p. 112).
To begin, learning seems best categorized into two major families: behavioral theories and cognitive theories. At a broader level, these theories were possibly better understood conceptually by…

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