Public Expression Of Non Heterosexual Identities Essay

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In the year prior to the Sochi Olympics, there was a law enacted in Russia that criminalized “public expression of non-heterosexual identities” (CITE). Canada offered the country’s on LGBT rights evidently through the CBC broadcast when the games began. The Canadians, in essence, were proud of their progress stances against those that are homophobic like Russia, thus creating a divide that formulated two categories: those that followed the progressive Western idea of equality and those that were homophobic like Russia. This demonstrates the Canadian political response indicating their foreign policy on homophobia. The Canadian response is a perfect case study that exemplifies the existence of the Canadian homonationalism. Canadian politicians unanimously denounced Russia’s anti-gay laws, which in turn creates a link between LGBT rights and Canadian values.
The Canadian response has demonstrated their stances in protecting the rights of the LGBT community, which perfectly aligns with the views of mainstream LGBT rights movements. Even though the Canadian stance on LGBT is meant to be progressive and defend the rights of this marginalized group, I believe there are imperialist implications. This gay-friendly image was portrayed by Canada in their response to Russia’s discrimination against LGBT groups in the Sochi Olympics. In the month leading up to the games, Russia was under criticisms from much of the Western world due to the criminalization of the so-called…

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