Pubic Lice : Humans And Invading The Pubic Area Essay

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Pubic lice is a very annoying sexually transmitted infection that involves parasites living and invading the pubic area. They are more commonly referred to as “crabs”. I obtained this awful infectious nuisance by living with a roommate who just so happened to have pubic lice. She often times sleeps on the sofa in the living room and we share a bathroom so they spread all around our apartment. I was unaware of her parasites living down there and now I am paying the consequences. This infection can be transmitted through sexual contact with a person who has pubic lice, but just because it is “protected” sex does not mean that you cannot still get them. Surprisingly, pubic lice are neither bacterial nor viral but they are parasitic. Just to think about these little critters crawling around in my pubic area makes me cringe!

The pubic lice come in three different forms: the nit, the nymph, and the adult. The nits, which are the lice eggs, are very tiny and attach themselves to each individual hair. They are round in shape and typically a yellowish white color. Each nit takes approximately six to ten days to hatch. The nit hatches into a nymph. They are basically an immature adult louse but smaller in size. Nymphs will mature into a full adult louse in about two to three weeks and will then be capable of reproducing. These critters must feed on your blood in order to thrive. You can see why they are a horrible bother to have. The adult louse is definitely the creepiest looking…

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