Product And Services : Shell Energy Essay

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Products & Services
Shell Energy is the largest and most innovative oil and gas company that will be around longer than Total, Exxon, Chevron, & BP. The company operates thousands of gas stations across the United States and recently started to research more about alternative energy. Phil Anderson informed us that Shell is very competitive and always has to “reshape the portfolio and back away from heavy Alaskan oil” and move toward integrated gas like British Gas. Shell recently merged with British Gas and Phil Anderson believes that the decision is “a stroke of genius” since the downfall on the oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, this industry has had a downturn and thousands have lost their job which is why alternative energy is at a rise and Shell is the first to have a Patton on the production of liquid biofuels from plant biomass. Biofuels are renewable fuels that can be blended into petrol and diesel, biofuels are produced usually from plants and can be used for transportation and could reduce CO2 reductions and could also be an alternative fuel source rather than using coal or oil. This is the exact direction that Shell wants to head toward and they want to be the first oil and gas company to become more environmentally friendly and move towards becoming an alternative energy company.
Most of the energy we use today comes from oil and coal, and increasingly from natural gas. Oil is a necessity in order to import and export products, get you to and from work, and…

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