Essay on Private Sector Unions Declining An Hour Of Concern

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Unionization of employees, employers and organizations can be seen in almost every country of the world, including Canada. Worker unions not only ensured better wages and adequate work hours but also ensured safe working environments and better social life of the workers. Unions offer a ray of hope and support for every worker whenever any misconduct occurs with the workers. Surprisingly, at present, the overall trend of unionization of workers in private sector is on a decline in Canada from the past 30 years. Contrastingly, the public sector is highly unionized and almost 70% of public sector in Canada is unionized. This article tends to discuss an online article of “CBC news” that discusses the issue of declining rate of employee unionization, especially in the private sector of Canada. Various cause and effect of this issue will be discussed in this article, based on the online article. A concerning factor of this issue (that will be discussed later in this article) is the difference of salaries between the unionized and non-unionized workers. It also discusses that though unionization of workers is declining in the private sector but according to major researchers, public sector may also witness the same trend of declining unionization of workers in the coming years. This article tends to discuss the issue of union relations with employers and organizations in Canada, present trends of unionization, major…

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