Principles Of Liberty And Self Determination Essay

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“It is in accordance…with basic principles of liberty and self-determination, and by allowing a dying person to satisfy his or her own values without posing serious harms to others, it satisfies the requirements of consequentialist, utilitarian moral systems” (Battin, nd). Many people with a terminal illness are dealing with unspeakable suffering, and can do nothing but attempt to control their pain. People want to live a life of dignity and die with dignity. People go through their lives living it as they see fit and making the choices they want. Part of the choices they make is the right to choose death on their own terms. If a terminally ill patient with still all their faculties about them, makes the choice to end their life before they inevitably lose their mental capacity, it is the job of the health care practitioner to honor that request. I believe that, as a health care practitioner, the priority is advocating for the patient. Ensuring that the patient is taken care of in the best possible manner is of the upmost importance. With that said, at times taking care of patients the best way possible means allowing them to make that decision to die on their own terms.
The ethical issues of physician-assisted death are both controversial and emotional. Some argue that this is ethically moral, as a terminally ill person has the right to choose to escape their unbearable suffering. Furthermore, as a nurse or physician, it is their duty to alleviate the patient’s suffering,…

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