Primary And Secondary Methods Of Data Collection Essay

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Primary and Secondary Research
In order to conduct diversity audit, primary as well as secondary methods of data collection are used to fulfill desired outcomes. For case, there are two different kinds of methods used to collect the information about the diversity audit in the context of Sam’s Club. For instance, in this diversity audit, primary data are collected through questionnaire, interview, employees survey and observing the perceptions of the employees of the company. This data is quite prime, unique and new data or information that is not used earlier. Hence, with the help of primary research method fresh data or information is collected in order to conduct diversity audit for Sam’s Club in an effective and more systematic manner. This data is also valid and relevant to the research of diversity audit, because all the respondents have proper knowledge and skills related to the subject matter. On the other hand, secondary data are collected through some authentic academic sources such as journals, books, published articles, articles on diversity audit and company’s policies on diversity and annual report of the company. Hence, on the basis of above discussion, it can be said that, both of these methods are effective to get together with the views of the authors and responses of the respondents for data collection.
Primary Research
Primary research is conducted in the context of diversity audit of the company in order to get real, fresh and effective…

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