President Nixon And The Vietnam War Essay

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The Vietnam War was a horrific war that the United States was apart of in an effort to prevent communism from spreading. The Vietnam War was horrific because it resulted in a large number of casualties. As a result of the amount of American casualties during the Vietnam War, President Richard M. Nixon decided to withdraw the majority of American troops that were fighting in Vietnam at the time. President Nixon announced his decision on withdrawing the majority of American troops during his speech, “Address to the Nation on Vietnam”. In this speech, president Nixon gives reasons on why American troops should be withdrawn as well as what the future holds for the United States’ involvement in Vietnam. One can also make a pentadic analysis of “Address to the Nation on Vietnam” because President Nixon provides a(n) Act, Agent, Agency, Scene, Purpose and even ratios to his speech. President Nixon is known for being very straightforward especially in his “Address to the Nation on Vietnam” speech. In other words, he addresses his point very early his speech. The act in Nixon’s speech is withdrawing American troops from Vietnam. This is the major event that Nixon is discussing in his speech. Before going into further details and after greeting those in attendance, Nixon starts his speech by saying “I am glad to be able to begin my report tonight by announcing that I have decided to increase the rate of American troop withdrawals for the period from May 1st to December 1st”…

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