President Franklin Delano Roosevelt And His New Deal Essay

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J’Taiya Carr 4/6/16 Chapter 28 REFLECTION PAPER 4
The United States went from enjoying a prosperous, lush lifestyle to massive debt and rising unemployment. The valiant efforts of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his New Deals did not make as big as an impact as people had hoped. The New Deal did help many individuals, but I believe it just was not enough. America was also practicing the art of isolationism so as to focus solely on our problems. Roosevelt promoted “the policy of the good neighbor” in the Western Hemisphere, and the policy involved withdrawing U.S. troops from Nicaragua and Haiti. A treaty was also drawn up with Cuba to dissolve the Platt Amendment and that was the last of our interference in Latin America. While this was a good idea, too many crises were happening in Europe that we should have addressed sooner. America turned a blind eye to the problems occurring across the pond. Fascism fever was overtaking Europe as economically depressed countries put their faith in one political party and one ruthless dictator. Italy was seized by Benito Mussolini and Germany elected Adolf Hitler as chancellor, resulting in the National Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) party becoming the only active political party. Both men seemed quite narcissist due to the way they presented themselves. Mussolini had propaganda signs that said “Mussolini is always right,” while Hitler made himself look like the savior of Germany. Hitler was more ruthless than Mussolini due to…

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