Police Enforcement, Protection Of People And Property Essays

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Keeping the peace, law enforcement, protection of people and property and the investigation of crimes is what police officers are meant to do in their line of duty and responsibilities. However, abuse of power and work stress are high indicators that our protectors should sometimes be looked at as suspects to criminal activities. Police brutality has become so widespread due to cell phone and security cameras depicting these violent acts that have never received this type of exposure before. Several major trends have given rise to a host of police practices that not only unlawfully interfere with the exercise of protective speech but also result in affirmative harm to innocent individuals. Some of these trends include punishment absent unlawful activity, police-initiated violence and failure of the Department of Justice, to prosecute police officers and police departments (Fitzgerald 37). There are many cities within our country that have existing or past lawsuits for excessive use of force as well as police officers covering up or altering events that have actually taken place. These cause many issues for cases brought up against officers that ultimately cause them to lose their badges or even become imprisoned. The San Diego Police Department train their dogs to enter a building and bite the first person they find. A woman’s suit stems from an ordeal that began Feb. 11, 2010, Lowry returned to her workplace after having some drinks out with friends and becoming…

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