Essay on Personal Statement On My Self Image

1266 Words Feb 8th, 2016 null Page
Since 8th grade i have had continuous issues with my self image. I have turned into someone i never thought i would be. someone who has a dark side hidden from everyone around. everyone says it 's normal to feel “depressed” sometimes. i don’t know if that is true. the darkness and sadness that sweeps over me even when I’m sitting at the dinner table with my family is indescribable. Whenever i eat one full meal i feel disgusting and fat. i think about making myself vomit every time because my stomach feels too full. besides, i don’t eat much, if anything. obviously there have been phases, phases where i try to get better and turn things around. i tried to fix myself. then i began to lose control. i lost control over my emotions, my happiness and i completely lost my appetite. I lost 13 pounds in one month. Everything is so off and on. When i am out with friends everything usually seems ok. Everyone around me seems happy, so i convince myself i am happy too. i am able to smile and laugh, but it doesn’t last long. I eventually go home, sit in my room and feel all alone. A dark cloud hangs over my bed. Everything breaks down and crumbles around me. People say they care and it is nice to know I’m loved but it doesn’t change how i feel. i am always grumpy and everyone, close friends and even some people i barely know ask me why I’m grumpy. my automatic response “I’m just tired” you know what I’m tired of?? tired of crying myself to sleep five days a week. tired of being sad.…

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