Personal Statement : Culture Self Assessment Essay

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Culture Self-Assessment

Culture is a way to name who you are as a human being. My identification includes being a 21-year-old straight white American female with a Native American and Japanese ethnic background. My parents were teen parents, and I have a single mom raising me. Socioeconomically I have been below the poverty line growing up, and pay for college all on my own. Organizations I am involved with in nursing school are club volleyball, crimson scrubs, and being a student ambassador. When it come to my own personal health care preferences I really appreciate natural medicine. Buddha’s teachings are a very important factor in my life, and it is a way of life that I try to practice. These are the main cultures that I identify with, but there are some misconceptions about them.
Every time I tell someone that my parents had me when they were 17 they look at me funny as if I am not telling them the truth. People think there’s no way you ended up the way you did with teen parents. There are a lot of misconceptions that people who live in poverty have a choice not to. Growing up was hard, and my mom worked three plus jobs my whole life and we still are considered under the poverty line. To clarify this misconception of being poor is that you can work hard, and still not make enough money to have everything you need.
Being only a quarter Japanese doesn’t take away from the expectations that the family holds for you. Japanese culture tends to show little to no emotion,…

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