Personal Reflection On Teaching Lessons Essay

1509 Words Jun 6th, 2016 null Page
During our 2 weeks of teaching our lessons I was able to observe 7 different activities and games. Some of the activities that I was able to experience and observe were practicing balance, baseball or striking skills, badminton, volleyball, tennis, soccer, and dancing. All the activities were different, although some of the activities were similar on the skills we are practicing or learning, but all were unique in their own way. Starting with the balance activity with Jaelyn and Allie the overall activity was very interesting. I never had the chance to experience or participate in a strict balance activity, meaning I never done an activity that focused mainly on my balancing skills. If there was more time for the teacher’s to setup and to do the activity I think it would have been more in depth the students would have had more time at each station. The stations were very easy to follow, and as 2nd graders I think it would be proficient and educational. The activities were easy to do as a college student, but I feel 2nd graders will be benefited from doing these activities and understand what balance is and why it is important. The group did use “guys” a couple times, but were quick to fix it and responded with “students” or “boys and girls”. One aspect that I would change in this activity is, I would implement beams that are off the ground and maybe made of harder material. I think that the foam beams would be good for the student’s safety, but it was a little hard to…

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