Essay on Personal Information On Social Media

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Parents feel that it is unsafe to share personal information on social media. Thus, they will find a way to stop their children from doing so. “Another structural approach intended to confound parents is creating mirror networks. When Stacy’s mom found her profile, she was outraged. She called the moms of two of Stacy’s friends - Anne and Kimberly. All three parents demanded that their kids clean up their profiles and told them to tell their friends the same or else more parents would be called. Steamed by the prudish response of their parents, Stacy, Anne, and Kimberly reluctantly agreed to change their profiles. Then, they each made a second account with fake names and details,” (boyd, 16). Back in the year 2008, when teens created a social network site, they demanded a privacy. They didn’t want their parents to know their existence on social media. The parents thought that their children are sharing too much personal information when they were on social media. This made the parents eagerly want to be friend with their children on social network sites so that they could monitor their children’s activities. In today’s era, the reason parents are having a social network site is not only because of their children. The purpose of them having a social network account such as Facebook is to feel close and connected with old friends, share information, and sell and buy stuffs. The reason of parents using social media sites today is the same as the reasons teenagers use it back…

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