Parenting Is A Difficult Experience Essay

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Parenting a Disabled Child Parenting can be a difficult experience, regardless of the child having special needs or not. Many times parents can be tried by their child’s actions and reactions. Parenting style can greatly effect what the outcome of a child’s behavior will be (Raya, 2013). It is “understood as a constellation of attitudes in the child, of which they are informed and, together, form emotional environments in which parents’ behaviors are exposed” (Raya, 2013, p. 205). There are three groups of parenting style known as authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive (Raya, 2013). But, according to studies parenting styles encompass much more, showing children pay attention to tone of voice, gestures, expressions, and other behaviors elicited by the parents (Raya, 2013).
When dealing with disabled children, parenting requires much more sympathy to the needs of the child, as well as unique ways of creating boundaries and utilizing discipline (Cloud & Townsend, 1998). A child is constantly responding to the parenting they are receiving, which should be considered when developing boundaries (Cloud & Townsend, 1998). Disabled children have an increasingly hard time processing the same information as a normal child. For instance, children with autism will attempt to ignore discipline and boundaries by placing their hands over their ears and pretending they are deaf (Dudziak, 1982). In these cases, parents need to develop a special form of boundaries unique…

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