Essay on Oliver Twist Is A Story About Survival, And Adaption

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In February of 1837, a man named Charles Dickens spun a tale of orphan Oliver Twist- for whom the story was named after. Dickens’ father had often been in debt, despite being a pay clerk for the Royal Navy. Eventually most of the family was found in jail, whereas twelve-year old Charles was sent to work at Warren’s Blacking Factory in an attempt to pay the debt back. Providing a detailed account of conditions during this dark time in England’s (and his own) history, Oliver Twist is a story about survival, and adaption. Dickens applies interesting and olden word choice, uses a rather unique point of view, and develops the character and plot appropriately, to the point where the person becomes an adventure himself. Oliver Twist’s life begins with a tragedy. His mother dies on the street on which he is born, where he was attended to by the parish surgeon, and a nurse who seemed to not be sure of where she was or of her own facilities. After that, he is sent from workhouse to workhouse, from one poor caretaker to another. Oliver, being the naive child he is, eventually manages to find himself in trouble with his latest caretaker, causing him to be sent off to a craft master. This craft master already retained an apprentice, and this apprentice was also the cause for Oliver to run away out of fear. This is where life begins to drastically change for him. A major turning point was his meeting a professional criminal whose name was Bob Fagin; as it turned out, Fagin was running…

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