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Katharine Steele
GEOG 3443 Midterm
October 19, 2014

OERB: A Goal Towards Energy Independence Fueled by Oil and Gas Alone

The OERB or Oklahoma Energy Resource Board is a group that provides information about the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma, but that is also funded by the producers and stakeholders themselves. The discourse provided per their website implies that the oil and gas industry is safe, responsible, and necessary for economic progress in our state. The narrative of the OERB's discourse is a triumphant story of the oil and natural gas industry in Oklahoma. It also seems to be a slightly overdone or obvious PR program. First, the website tells the reader that "our future started in 1897," when our "first commercially
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There are a few concepts related to the discourse of the Oklahoma Energy Resource Board. One of the most important repeated terms we see is "energy independence." Another two could also be "advancing" and "empowering", as are featured in the Board's tagline. All of these however have something to do with a duty to the rest of the country to be leaders "energy independence." This helps to concrete the idea that the most important reason for oil and gas production in Oklahoma is the risk of warfare with other countries that own oil we must import. The ideologies of the OERB seem to say that the nation relies too much on foreign sources of oil at great risk and that oil and gas is not only the way to energy independence but also the way to a better economy, better school systems, and more jobs--progress. The signifying practices used to create this narrative with these concepts and ideologies are mainly advertising, along with some data or scientific papers. The advertising can be seen on the website. One example was an advertisement called "The Next Chapter" that was targeted towards parents and possibly students. It shows a teenage girl and her mother together, packing for college, while a narrator tells us about the importance of energy independence in creating a large job market for young Oklahoman's. Because parents are obviously worried about their children's future, the idea of

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