Now I Know Better? Essay examples

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Now I Know Better

On a Thursday year of 2015, I realized making people laugh isn’t as good as it seems in certain situations. After school, my mom and siblings decided that we should go to the park, to hang out with some friends. It was a good weather to go, not too cold and not too hot, so I didn’t refuse. As we got there, me and my older sister, Sondos, wanted to go for a walk near the fountains because we got bored from sitting down and wanted to see the ducklings swim around the fountains. The fountains went really high and would splash you. After sitting there for about five to ten minutes we started walking again. My sister, Sondos, felt like her hijab, a headscarf, was undone and wanted to fix it. At the park, the restrooms don’t have mirrors, so she decided to use my phone, iphone 4s as a mirror. As I was handing it to her I open the front camera and remember an inside joke and say it to her. As we were laughing she started gasping in fear as I, the innocent Dania, look at her in shock and confusion.
She looks at me and says “Dania, I swallowed a pin!” I look at her and laugh more because I thought she was joking. However, she looks at me and says in fear “ What should I do?” and that, my friends, is when I believed her. I didn’t believe her because she would joke around and I thought to myself this is one of her weird, yet funny, jokes. She was breathing fine, just was over dramatic. Okay, i’m kidding. She was in a TERRIBLE condition. She was so scared she…

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