Notes On Importance Of Self Defense Essay

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3 Things important to you?

There is a variety of things I have close to me, ranging from family to my education. However, my mom and siblings are the main reason I keep on moving forward and I have always protected them from any type of danger. I remember growing up there was always people who wanted to take advantage of my mother because of her kindness, but I will always intervene even if it was family. Additionally, I keep education close to my heart, reason being growing up my mother always told me that knowledge is the only power for fighting everyday harshness. I remember growing up I would love staying in school after programms, since I was able to learn more. Moreover, self-defense is really important to me, growing up in Oakland I had variety of moments that if I didn’t defend myself I could’ve ended up being bully every time.

2. Highest level of Education obtained by immediate (and extended) family?

My mother always tells me that my father was a genius, since he was able to graduate from the University in Morelia with a degree in Mechanical engineer. However, his flaw was women, my father had an addiction to be with different women regarding harming us. However, my mother was able to obtain a GED, coming from Mexico she was determine to at least finish high school . I have deep respect for my mother because she didn’t have the best resources, but was able to manage to obtain an education and become a citizen in United States. Currently I am the first of the…

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