No Good And No Count Self Essay

1246 Words Aug 18th, 2016 null Page
Too many Black people in positions of power and leadership in our organizations have serious character flaws, are charlatans or outright thieves. Sometimes Black people’s “leadership and organizations” can be our worst enemy. As you know, I experienced the dangerous character flawed and charlatan behavior from Hugh Clark when he forcibly impregnated my girlfriend Norma (we went to each other’s Junior and Senior Proms-1969/1970), gave me Regina (who had psychological issues), and sent three men to attack me (outside of my job at Colonial Penn Insurance Computer Department--5 Penn Center/16th Market Street). Hugh was one of the first people who introduced me to the meaning of the word—KARMA. Guess what? His no-good and no-count self (as some old Black Folks would say) was incarcerated for thinking that he could swindle nearly a million dollars from White banking institutions that loaned money for the development and improvement of New Media Charter School and Lotus Academy, and not get caught in the deceitful and stealing act. Note: you do not mess with White people’s money, financial institutions, women, girls, military institutions, etc. Another case in point: the Police, FBI and NSA has sizeable files of information on any Black person that had any contact with Sankore Society, NAACP, SCLC, Nation of Islam, Black Panther Party, RAM, US, MOVE, Rastafari, Traditional African Spiritual Systems, Afrocentric Beliefs and Schools, and any other Black cultural, political…

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