Essay on New York And Its Effect On The City And Crime

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New York use to be a nice place to live, but around the time of this incident crack was introduced into the city and crime started to skyrocket. With the increase in crime, people started to become more uneasy. Also when people thought of crime, they were focused on minorities. So the general public, or white people, feared minorities and thought them to be dangerous. Central Park was also considered a safe area, so when they hear a white jogger was attacked there, everyone flipped out because they no longer saw Central Park as a safe place to be or to bring their kids. Maybe if it had been a white man, it would have been different. But this was different, this was not just one but a group of black men attacking a white women. Crime is expected within races, but interracial crime had a different stigma. The Media played a huge roll in this case, by using a bunch of terms that had never been used before. These new terms scared the general public because it was something new that they were not used to. One of these terms was “Wilding”, which was used in a way to say these boys were acting like wild animals who were just running around attacking random people. Another phrase that was used was “Rampaging in Wolf Packs”. Like Wilding, it was used to show these boys we animals, running in groups rampaging the safe Central Park looking for what they called “Wolf Pack’s Prey”, which was whomever the unlucky person happened to be in there way. Painting this image that these boys…

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