Essay about Nestlé Crisis Management Contingency Plan

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Nestlé Crisis management Contingency Plan

1. Problem analysis

2. Course of Action

3. Strategic Communications Plan

3.1) Communication Infrastructure

3.2) Nestlé Communication goals

3.3) Target Audience

3.4). Image Enhancement Message

3.5) Communications Channels and Outlets

3.6) Facebook as Communication Channel

3.7) Strategies for Social Network Communications

3.8) Strategic Communications Plan Key Performance Indicators

4. References

Problem Analysis

Nestlé has established itself as a leader in the world of nutrition and foods. However, the attack by Greenpeace that Nestlé fell subject to has taken its toll on the
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This caused even more negative comments to fill Nestlé’s’ own Facebook fan page wall.

c) Nestlé’s’ response to comments on the Facebook wall reflected an antagonistic manner.

Several comments were posted by Nestlé’s Facebook admin in response to negative comments posted by activists. These comments we antagonistic and sarcastic in nature and did not reflect positively on the companies image. Neither did they attempt to calm people down or explain the situation—they only managed to fan the flames of people’s anger. These comments could alienate even the most loyal of fans. In addition the media publicity had caught wind of the situation and the issue was now publicized on all major news networks such as CNN & SKY news. What started out as an open way for Nestlé fans to show their support turned into a public display of outrage.

d) The response by the Nestlé representative was too little, too late.

When Nestlé eventually issued an apology on its Facebook fan wall, the apology was insincere in nature, and it came too late. By then the video had already been ranked number one on YouTube and

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