Nelson Mandel The Most Admired Political Figure Of The Human Rights Movement

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Nelson Mandela Many would argue that Nelson Mandela is the most admired political figure of the twentieth century and a leader of the human rights movement. What did Nelson Mandela do in his life to deserve such accolades? Well, he took a stand against the way certain people were being treated in his country and stood up for what he believed in. This group of people was the blacks of South Africa. Throughout Nelson Mandela’s tedious life, he made a remarkable amount of achievements and turned around the world, as we know it today. Nelson Mandela was born on July 18th 1918 of Nosekeni Fanny Mandela in the village of Mvezo in South America. Mandela had a happy childhood. He was the first of his entire family to attend school and that’s where he got his name “Nelson” (Nelson Mandela Childhood). When Nelson was just nine years old, his father passed away from Tuberculosis. Mandela was then put under the care of his father’s previous successor Jongintaba Dalindyebo. In Mandela’s autobiography Long Walk to Freedom he states, “In later years, I discovered that my father was not only an advisor to kings but a king-maker” Nelson cherished his father and strived to become like him. Considering Nelson’s father had supported Jongintaba for many years, Jongintaba decided that the least he could do was take Nelson into his care and help him while he was still a young child. Jongintaba would take young Nelson to their tribes meetings and Nelson would sit and listen, occasionally…

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