My Year Old Self - Original Writing Essay

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F.A.S.T is the abbreviation I promised my 10 year old self that I will remember from now on. I promised to know the signs of a stroke and know how to save someone from ending up like my mother did. It was one of those sunny yet mucky day when my mother and I were riding in her green lincoln on our way to pick up my friend. On that day I realized that I would never forget the signs of a stroke again.
“Are you ready love?” are the words my mom spoke as we prepared to get in the car and head to my friend’s house. My mother’s body and actions had been acting funny lately, but me being 10 did not realize it was something I should take initiative in or worry about. I believed that maybe it was because she seemed fine. She still went to work at Pilgrim Pride and came home every night fine. The only thing that was different is that she couldn’t drive on her on. If you knew my mom, you would have known that she was so silly and never showed when something was wrong with her. She would always say she was alright and continued her day. She was so strong and determined that nothing would stop her from anything she wanted to do.
While driving in the car, things were going pretty good at first. Suddenly my head jerked as the green lincoln swerved to the other lane. I looked at my mom shocked at what she had just done. She told me that the steering wheel was just jammed and she could handle it. We continued on our way and things did not get any better for us. The car kept swerving and…

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