My Views On The Field Of Teaching Essay

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Thinking back, there have been many different influences that have helped shaped and guide me towards the field of teaching. There have been five instructors that have helped me push towards a profession in Secondary History education. My sixth grade teacher, my high school history teacher, my high school principal, and two of my grandparents have introduced me and interested me in the field of education but more specifically in the discipline of history/social science. Along with individuals, school organizations, sports, and 4-H have also played a role in my education.
Reflecting on my past teachers, in sixth grade I remember gaining my first interest when my teacher would bring history to life. He would “reenact” certain events and allow us to see history with our eyes instead of just simply reading about it. In our WWII unit he arranged the room to be set up as a “war zone” and for two weeks we learned about the war from in trenches created in the classroom. My high school history teacher was a little different from my other teachers. The way he taught history was more in depth. Instead of taking us back to the past, he brought the past forward. We would learn about different problems and aspects in history and then connect those with current issues that have either carried over or have the same formula (which has helped me in college). On more of a character based note, my high school principal helped me understand the importance of respect and…

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