My Views On My Family Essays

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My family has always been a major influence in my life. My family is very close and love spending time together. Similar to the Wolfpack we watched movies and role-played. We also watched our favorite movies over and over again. However, we were not alienated from the world. I attended public school and interacted with my friends and my older sibling friends. In school I was allowed to bring my own perspective to the classroom. Thought each student perception was different I believe that this helped shaped my understanding of reality. The beliefs, values and norms, which I learned while I was growing up influenced my progress through adulthood. I did not conform to their preconceived ideas of who I should be.

How external forces have shaped my understanding of reality.

In life we have all made some very difficult choices because of the urgency and importance the situation. “The land of the Free and the home of the Brave,” is a phrase taken from our National Anthem The Star-Spangled Banner. Between the nineteenth and twentieth-century this phrase became our country’s legacy, which guaranteed freedom and rights for all. Based on the way that the social construction of race and gender is set up in America, it makes it very hard for people to be themselves. I was fortunate to have my uncle and older siblings to keep me grounded and out of danger. Some of my friends were not so fortunate. I lost a few to gun violence and drugs,…

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