My Small Group Teaching Activity Essay

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Date: I did my small group teaching activity on September 30th.
What subject did you teach? For the small group teaching activity, I conducted a literacy group. The literacy group was their leveled reading groups that the students do during their 90 minute read block each day. Usually, the students just read their book and then do a worksheet or reread the book again if they finish. Mrs. Werne usually just monitors and sits with a group. I was glad that I actually was able to conduct my own small group because I felt like they were actually learning something during this literacy group, rather than just reading the book and that was it.
How did you prepare to work with the group? I decided to look at the book before we read it. I looked at the highlight vocab words and questions in the back of the book. I thought of my own questions that I could as as well.
What were the strengths of the activity? First, I had the students read the book aloud. I started out reading and then we rotated reading a page. I then went through each vocabulary word and had different students answer the words. One thing that I noticed was that the students knew almost all of the level 5, 1,400 word book, which was surprising to me. Also, the students knew how to say and define all of the vocab words. I was wondering if maybe these students should be reading more difficult leveled books. I wish that Mrs. Werne did something like I did in small groups because maybe she could have…

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