Essay on My School And Its Culture

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My School and Its Culture
School Experiences School is responsible for teaching children their academic. The way a teacher interacts with their student has a lasting impression. Problem solving skill is an essential part of a child’s life. My early years were full of learning through play. I was able to analyze the situation when my interaction had a positive outcome in an elementary school setting. Students did not tease or make fun of your color or your different way of dress or the neighborhood you lived in. A large part of my school day in high school was building a relationship with other students. It became mentally challenging trying to mix academic with interaction. Teachers begin to see the need of interaction after a month of school change and offered activities that incorporated the entire class. The teachers at Independence Girls High School influenced my personal identity by telling me to be better and do better and eventually I did. I came out of high school feeling important. I felt good about myself because I had beat the challenges that were set before me and graduated from a girl’s high school with a 3.8 average. I graduated in the top ten in my class. It was 40 years later that I decided to continue my education at Ashford University for my Bachelor degree.
School Characteristics and Cultural Dimension
The elementary school I attended the Burger High School. The school consists of all African American students, teachers, a principal and his…

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