Essay My Reflection On My Childhood Observation

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For my middle childhood observation I observed one of my students in the class I volunteer for. He is a nine year old boy in the third grade. I observed his work habit and behavior during one of their English lessons. In the beginning of the lesson, he was quiet and wouldn’t talk to anyone. He would sit with his arms crossed and stared at the board. His face was red and his eyebrows were scrunched up together like he was mad or confused. During the middle of the lesson he was laying his head down and did his work. When one of his peers tried to talk to them he threw his hand up and told them to go away. When he was stopped on a problem for awhile I decided to get up and see if he needed help. When I was near him he started breathing heavier and grinding his teeth together. I leaned down and asked him if everything was okay and he glared at me and said he was fine. When the girl next to him asked me for help he started rolling his eyes and smacking his hand against his head. I once again asked if he was okay and he threw his head down on the table and said “I’m fine” with an angry tone. While I was still assisting the girl next to him he started whispering things to himself (I couldn 't tell what he was saying). When it was around the end of the lesson he was called on by the teacher to help answer one of the questions that were given to them and he answered with hesitation and when he found out his answer was incorrect he started to smack himself in the head again. I came…

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