Essay on My Personal Statement On Self Refection

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Self refection is an important tool to understanding who you are as an in individual. Some people find it easy to self reflect while other find it very difficult. I believe that this excise will be somewhat difficult for me. I find it hard to look at myself without being too critical. However; I feel that this exercise could be very beneficial to my personal and professional development, and allow me to better understand my strengths and weaknesses. I will be assessing those strengths and weaknesses in seven sections; personality, values, motivation, decision making, stress and leadership. I will use this opportunity to be honest with myself in the assessment, and allow myself room to grow and improve where necessary, while also rewarding myself the sections that I exhibit strength in. By doing this self refection I am making myself open to criticism and vulnerability which is taking me out of my comfort zone. I will also be turning to my family to get an outside opinion about my assessment, to compare how they assess me in some of the sections.
I was born March 20, 1991 in Toronto Ontario. My father specializes in three dimensional scans and drawings of buildings, and my mother is the Deputy Superintendent at the Toronto East Detention Centre. I have a brother who is 18 and currently enrolled in Ryerson University. I am engaged to a wonderful man and we will be getting married in April 2016. This information if relevant because the four people mentioned above are the…

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