Essay on My Personal Statement On My Life

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While growing up in a small, rural town in Georgia I learned many life lessons in just my home. The way to speak to an adult, have correct manners in public, and self-discipline in school were like the three extra rules added to the Ten Commandments in my house. My mother was a stay at home mom and my step father was in the army. Most the time my house consisted of just my mother and me; therefore, we had more time together so she made sure I focused more on school than any other distracting situations. My step father always had to work, or he was deployed overseas. Since my step father was gone overseas most of my early childhood life, my mother became very independent, and learned how to provide with just herself alone. Growing up I never noticed how much my mother did on her own, or how much my stepfather or my biological father was never really there in my life. My mother’s nature strength of independence, my father’s not wanting me or to be a part of my life, and my self-determination in school helped sculpt the person I am today.
Since my mother married into the military life-style, she was basically forced to stay at home. My stepfather always seemed to be overseas at least once a year. With him being gone so much, my mother was forced to take care of the house, pay the bills, balance a check book, and take care of four children. She learned many different techniques on how to life live without a male figure in the home because she had no other choice. She loved my…

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