My Personal Statement On My Life Essay

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My phone was abandoned with unanswered text messages and calls from my father. As I left my parents to spend time with friends, I didn’t expect the next time I would see them would be in a hospital bed connected to wires and tubes.
That Friday was a holiday. A day off of school, a day off of work and most of all a day for enjoying family and friends. The sky was blue, the sun was high and bright, and the breeze was cool which made for perfect Texas weather. A group of us went out riding the ATV and were being nothing else but kids. We drove around the neighborhood so fast, my eyes were blurred with water and my cheeks had tears running down them. With the wind blowing through our hair, admiring all of the gorgeous lakes, we relaxed.
We approached a bridge. Suddenly, everything became black. I had no feeling in my body. The next day I woke up in excruciating pain, connected to machines and breathing masks. I heard a doctor say the name of my best friend, he conversed with another and I gathered that she was in the ICU room next door to mine. As I lay, I tried to recall what happened but nothing came to mind. Where had the days gone? Why am I in here? Later on I received an explanation as to why I was in the hospital and it was to my upmost disappointment.
I was frustrated not only with my self but my friends as well. My anger arouse as I continued to think about the foolish decision I made. I should have worn a helmet. Never again will I find myself, or anyone I care…

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