My Personal Statement For Attending Religious Services Essay examples

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I come from Houston TX and I carry a Middle Eastern background with a mixture of both modern and traditional family value. Through having both modern and traditional views in life I feel I am able to conceive, a wider array of religious points of view and apply them to my life accordingly. With my religious outlook towards life, I have come to learn that I have much strength but none stronger than holding to my faith and believing in those that I love or myself. Along with my strengths, I have come to learn about my weaknesses and none of them is as dis-hearting to me as losing your desire to attend religious services. I feel the reason I lost my passion in attending religious services came about when I initially was injured on active duty (military service) with a service-connected injury and for that moment, I felt god had turned a blind eye on my suffering. In resolving this weakness, I have decided on attending services again along with continuing my education and knowing that GCU (Grand Canyon University) supports both drive will help in inspiring me to continue.

Prior to attending GCU (Grand Canyon University), I went to Air University through the US Air Force and was met with the riggers require of me to continue my education without a means of an outlet or strong supporting factor. Even though there wasn’t a strong supporting factor in place at the Air University, I did enjoy the hands-on approach to learning in addition to the professional atmosphere, but with…

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