My Own Philosophies Of Teaching Essay

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A plethora of thoughts flow through my mind as I try to think of what learning means to me. So, instead of trying to find an answer to that question, I need to look deeper and find out how learning makes me and others feel. When teachers try to find their own personal philosophy, I’m sure most have to delve into the thought full force. What needs to be taught in their classrooms, what type of environment they strive to create, how the classroom will be set, and how their own ways of learning could possibly help them to discover others. In order to find your own philosophies of teaching it is wise to begin to explore your own beliefs. You have to be familiar with the different types of educational philosophies, such as; Perennialism, Essentialism, Progressivism, or Social Reconstructionism. I know that I want to make a difference in children’s lives, to help them learn and grow, I want to inspire children every day.
The teacher’s role.
The role of a teacher is more than meets the eye in most cases. Teachers are there to not only teach a certain curriculum to the students, they are there to grade papers, manage a class, they happen to be role models, mentors and counselors. When it comes to elementary students, the teachers play a role in the development of those younger minds. Learning that young, from a good, supportive role model will shape into who they will be later on down the road. In some cases, teachers are often thought of as the third parent for some children.…

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