Essay on My Opinion On Self Esteem

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Yes self-esteem is needed because most of the time from people who don 't have self esteem or high flow rates of self-esteem that always think bad about themselves mostly some of them commit suicide because of that I argued about it in this essay that why is self esteem needed. In this essay I mention the articles that I read about in self-esteem needed are not all the videos I watched about self esteem needs. My argument in this essay is that you need the right amount of self-esteem and why do you need it and what if you don 't have it what will happen to you or what will you do to people around you. I also talked with some people about self esteem that if is it good or is it bad and I got some of their ideas and some ideas from articles and I put them into my own words and explain them why self-esteem is needed. On first paragraph I will be arguing about what could happen to their children when they give them less self-esteem. Second paragraph I’m arguing about what could happen to people when you let them down and when you judge them badly. On third paragraph I’m arguing about what will happen to you if don’t have enough self-esteem if you don’t have enough what could you do to receive the right amount.

In this paragraph I 'll be explaining why is self esteem important and to have a better self-esteem you need more self-confidence. You have to care about yourself and that 's why you need self confidence by having self-confidence you can have high self-esteem. Carrying…

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