Essay about My Mother 's Reasoning For Entering The Teaching Profession

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While attending Chiefland Elementary School, I had the privileged of interviewing my field experience teacher Ms. Sidorenko who happens to be my darling mother. Many people say that we have a lot of features in common, but it doesn’t stop there because we both wanted to be a teacher. My mother teaches kindergarten through fifth grade. She has been teaching at Chiefland Elementary for three years, but she has been in education field for ten years. She first started as a tutor and then a teacher’s aide. This coming up fall she will be graduating with her masters in Elementary Education. My mother’s reasoning for entering the teaching profession is because she wanted to make a difference in children’s lives and she thought becoming a teacher would pursue that goal. According to my mother, her educational philosophy has changed over the years. When she first started teaching she thought the best way to handle students that were misbehaving, was to give them more attention and to help them understand consequences. Now she is giving more attention to the students who are well behaved. Her logic is that giving the students who are doing what they are supposed to wand giving them praise will motivate the student who are misbehaving to change their attitude. So far it has worked like a charm. There has been many things that have changed throughout the years in the educational system. I can point out a few from what I have noticed since I was in school. The major thing that has…

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