My Mom 's Struggle With Internet Addiction Essay example

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For this paper, I interviewed two other people about a life event. The people I interviewed were in different stages of life than I currently am, and were also in different developmental stages. The purpose of this paper was to examine the life event from their perspective, as well as to determine how the developmental stages impacted their reactions to the event.
Life Event
The life event this paper will focus on is my mom’s struggle with internet addiction. I toyed with a few different ideas, but settled on this one because it would be the most interesting to write about while still being an easy topic to fit in to the requirements of the paper. This event affected everyone in my household, which came out to be four people. It occurred in the summer of 2007 in Hot Springs, right before I entered third grade.
Our neighbor built computers for a living and gave us one for free one year prior. Over the summer, my mom was able to get internet access in our home. She had been a stay at home mom for most of her adult life, but for the past five years she had been dealing with my oldest sister, who was a very rebellious teen. When my sister was granted emancipation and moved out, my mom found a weight lifted off of her shoulders. Less than a year later, my mom gradually became addicted to the internet.
This event affected the people living in my household at the time: myself, my dad, my sister, and my mom. I interviewed only my older sister and my dad; my mom is currently…

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