My Mind Was Astounded By The Depth Of The World 's Educational Systems And Beliefs

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After reading Ishmael, my mind was astounded by the depth of which the novel illustrated about humanity and its captivity. It gave me a new prospective of how in some ways I would be considered conformed to the world based of “Mother Culture” ideas. It made me feel guilty that despite everything I have done and learned in relation to the environment my humanistic values may be contradicting it. I had to take a step back couple of times reading the novel to correlate it with my own personal values, the way I saw the world, and the very foundation of the world’s educational systems and beliefs.
Throughout the novel I had made sure that I left my mind opened to the unique teachings of Ishmael and while I was reading it I found out a few things about myself. This included my livelihood and my values.
Ever since freshman year of high school I knew that I craved to become an environmentalist and I made it my mission to do everything “right”. In order to appease my desire to be one of the few of scientists who are concerned and willing to do research to solve the environmental issues that would save the world. I changed my lifestyle to mold to this green standard by recycling, reusing, and reducing my carbon emission as much I could. My values about the environment changed its importance in my life. I believe that love is the most important value one could have. Not only my religious beliefs uphold its importance but I found that the things you love are the things that you make…

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