My Mind Is A Physical Substance Of Me, By Descartes, And Ryle 's Excerpts

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Upon reading Smart, Putman, Descartes, and Ryle’s excerpts, I have come to believe that my mind is a physical substance of me, such as a brain. Your mental process is often called brain processes just as Smart believes through the identity theory. I also agree with Smart in the way that mental states can be physically recognized through pain, which is often called the functionalist view. Lastly, I favor the behaviorism view in which Ryle explains how mental processes are intellectual acts. On the other hand, many people believe the mind is not a physical substance. Philosophers like Descartes believe the mind can exist without the body, this is a dualism view. This view has three parts: interactionism, parallelism, and epiphenomenalism which I will talk about later in this paper. My thesis is, regarding the opposing view, I still strongly believe that my mind is something attainable, such as a brain. The first reason I believe that I have a brain is because my mental processes are brain processes. Philosopher, J.J. Smart often refers this to the identity theory, or the brain process thesis, or the brain-state theory. This theory simply believes that all mental states are identical to physical states. In The Norton Introduction to Philosophy text book, they refer to the example of one’s thirst drive to drink water out of a faucet on Monday, and go buy a water bottle on Tuesday’s (354). You must have a biological brain in order to have a mental life; the identity theory…

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