My Life Of My Health Essay

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Since I was younger, I always felt out of place in my life, whether it be socially or mentally and it really didn’t occur to me until I was in high school for why I felt out of place and it had to do with my weight. My freshman year I was two-hundred and thirty pounds, I also played football, but this wasn’t an excuse for why I weighed so much at such a young age. As I progressed through high school my weight followed me, two-sixty, then two-eighty and finally two ninety-five and especially in today’s day and age people are more self-conscious about their bodies due to outside factors such as certain trends or the sexual personification of today’s society that may lead one to believe they are undesirable. Another aspect of my health that affects me is my family health history, my father, grandmother, four uncles and six aunts have diabetes. Day after day I witness how this affliction affects my father and how it takes its toll on him and how the chances are high for me to have this disease. At this point right now as I type this paper I weigh two hundred and ninety five pounds and a body mass index of 29.5 and am, by definition, overweight, so the specific target behavior I am choosing to change is my weight. Now I know this may sound broad, but since starting this Kinesiology class I have learned so much in dealing with physical as well as mental health and how it affects one’s body. Things like stress can cause one to be in mental despair and change their daily habits…

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