Essay about My Life Of My Dad

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I pray that I get to see this season in my life. I get a little scared thinking about it sometimes because now I don’t have any children and it is my desire to be married and have kids and I want to be able to enjoy all of them while I am young and have energy. Another thing that scares me is that I wont have enough money. The main thing this is that I will die alone without leaving a legacy to pass on to my children and their children. My dad is sixty-two years old and he live alone because he wanted to move out from the house that I bought us. He has live alone for most of his life. The only time he was not alone was when he was married to my mother for a quick second. He worked for Crystal Motor Company for many years till was able to take an early retirement. One thing that my Dad dealt with throughout his life was he had to pay child support for me and he still is paying to this very day. I am not sure if he still owes because I was in foster care and consider a ward of the state. We I found my dad on the Internet I tried to help my getting the situation resolved and for a moment I thought we fixed it so he stop paying. That following year he filed taxes and they took his refund say that he stills owes. My father have some bitterness built up in his heart about me because of this and when he relocated to Los Angeles to stay with me they took ten thousand dollars from him and put in toward child support. He goes to school now for his GED we talk every blue moon.…

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