Essay on My Learning And Experiential History

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1. How do you feel about yourself as you read about your learning/experiential history? I have mixed feelings reading about my learning and experiential history. Sometimes tears well up in my eyes as I travel down memory lane reading it, knowing the harrowing experiences I had at some points and how those experiences have helped shape my current status.
On the other hand, reading about my experiential learning/history, always elates me for the wealth of experience I have in my current line of work- working with people with developmental disabilities. Prior to this time, I had not considered taking stock of my experiences in my current line of work until enrolling this program, Professional Bachelor of Arts… Human Services. When I did, I found out that I am contributing immensely to the well-being of a group of people who would have, otherwise, not have a chance to express themselves in the manner they do, thanks to Disability support workers like me.
I continue to see myself as a bridge that links people from the society’s periphery to its center. For example, I support my clients on a daily basis in various social situations of their choices, where in most cases, they have the opportunity to socialize with their peers and community people, most of whom are not disabled. This exercise, community inclusion, which is a deliberate attempt to integrate my clients with their peers and community people is one part of my clients’ community activities that interests me most. I feel…

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