My Influence On My Family Essay

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As individuals, we all have many societal influences in our lives that help shape us into who we are today. Sometimes we have some influences that we don’t even realize are actual influences in our everyday lives, and we don’t take into consideration that they do anything for us. The three main societal influences that I think are prominent in my life are family life, the importance of education, and work experience. These three plus many others have helped blossom me into the person I am today.

My first societal influence on my life is my family. My parents taught my brother and I how to speak and act respectively towards others. I will definitely be teaching my children this as well because I think it is a very important skill to have. You need to be able to give respect to receive respect in this world. My parents have also made it clear that in our family, home is a “safe zone”. We respect each other’s opinions, we can say what we want and not be judged, and we know that we’re safe from the outside world. I will also be portraying this to my children as well because there are so many children that do not have a “safe zone” or a safe place to go to. My parents have also taught us that putting trust in everyone isn’t mandatory. There are so many scary people in this world and I will be teaching my children that they need to go with their gut feeling when putting trust in someone whether it is a family member or a new friend. Having safe people to call family, whether they…

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