My Great Grandfather 's Generation Revolutionized Agricultural Infrastructure With Self Education

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Village to Victory: How an Educational Evolution Brought Opportunity to My Family

The more you learn, the more places you can go is the old maxim that my parents used to tell me growing up. Their emphasis on education was no hollow adage, but rather a family motto that has endured through generations. Education is a constitutionally protected right in India, where they house the third most extensive education system in the globe. From the lessons people learned in classrooms to the childhood memories that taught lifelong values, education pushed my family] towards opportunity and growth. Education is what transformed my great-grandfather’s small plot of land into a successful industrialized farm with the introduction of new engine technology, what allowed my grandfather to bring new infrastructure to his childhood village, Ichiputhur, as mayor, and what took my parents from India to North America in pursuit of superior universities. Education was the catalyst for change in my family, providing new opportunities for growth and advancement.
My great-grandfather’s generation revolutionized agricultural infrastructure with self-education about technological advances in the Industrial Revolution. In the 1940s India, it was uncommon for people to pursue higher education, the literacy rates stood around 27 percent for males and the rate was about 9 percent for females. Consequently, my great-grandfather Kanniappa Reddy saw little value of formal classroom instruction, opting to…

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