Essay about My Goals For My Academic Success

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There are many that congratulate me and compliment my work, work ethic, and accomplishments once they hear where I am going to college and my plans when I get there. I do normally go along with the compliment and take credit for my successes, in part because compliments make me recoil, and explaining the extent to your influence would be too expository and frankly unnecessary in some situations. Your effect on my life goes beyond what I could ever expect, or even consciously like, and your influence I constantly feel at rare but increasingly frequent moments of realization and introspection. I would like to take the credit for my academic successes to make myself feel like I have actually accomplished something, but I cannot knowing that the only thing I did to build myself academically and psychologically was take shape from the building blocks you assembled.
Neither of you like to bring up the subject of sacrifice, because in our household, the conversation is obsolete; each of us knows the sacrifices the others made to and not let the speed of life leave us behind. I will be forever in your debt for abandoning comfort and certainty and familiarity for me, for my growth and my safety. The steps you took for me to achieve anything that I set my mind to do and the dedication with which you dealt with my academic potential and growth is unparalleled, often obsessive, but impressive and humbling. I did not understand, until December of this year, why it was that both of you…

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