My Goal Of Earning My Degree Essay examples

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There are numerous difficulties that I am sure to encounter as I work toward my goal of earning my degree in nursing. My son has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome which results in him being sick and having seizures frequently. As soon as my son gets sick he has seizures. Therefore, unless someone is CPR certified, I don’t allow anyone to watch him. Child care for my son will be one of the biggest complications I will face. With that being said, I will miss many classes and it will also be a set-back. Due to child care and situations with my son’s father I will obviously be absent in several classes. Unfortunately, finances may be a problem I deal with toward earning my degree. In other words, I don’t have a very established financial situation. I intend to save money to support myself financially, so I don’t have to constantly worry about my finances. Life pitches unexpected set-backs every day. Therefore, I never know when my car will break down, it will snow abundantly and I cannot make it to school, or when I wake up with the flu. Although, there is no preventative method to avoid the unexpected downfalls. I can and will overcome missing school. I do not care what it takes, I will succeed in attaining my nursing degree. Child care is a major problem for any mother, but being a mother and a college student makes it additionally problematic. Several people wouldn’t know how to react if my son had a seizure in their care. My mom supports me with child care tremendously, but…

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