My First Real Leadership Experience Essay

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I had often times being elected the captain of the class ever since middle school (primary school in Nigeria) and I thought I understood what leadership embodied because the task was effortless. They included: writing down names of students who disrupt the class, distribute student notebooks and direct students to their next class. However, I got my first real leadership experience at the age of fourteen and my perception changed. I learned responsibility, patience and assertiveness through my leadership position. I held the position of the head girl of my old school in Nigeria. Securing this position required a long and arduous process. It is a norm that is still in existence for all schools in Nigeria to elect an executive of students who will be leaders and mentors to other students, and who ensure that students conform to the rules and regulations. The head girl and head boy hold the highest authority over the students after the principal and the teachers. In order to be considered for any of the executive positions, you needed to be in the top ten percent of the class, possess leadership skills and be accredited by at least two teachers. I was the top of my class and I was endorsed by four teachers who, from observation in class, were assured that I possessed leadership qualities. I helped students study in class activities, homework and tests. I have influenced my peers to not surrender as a result of failure but to continually commit to their future goals. When…

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